chase curiosity;

through mind or body, as there are few feelings like that of an open mind and a world full of awe.

our mission

We are on a mission to inspire everyone to chase their curiosity. Our brand is built on the two words that encompass the spirit of curiosity; wander and wonder.

These two words are a call to action to chase curiosity, both physically and mentally; through your body and mind. We encourage you to wander more and wonder endlessly.

protect our planet

We also strive to protect our planet and every living thing on it. Earth is our home and it is our responsibility to preserve it. We print and produce everything in-house. This ensures that all of our products are made sustainably and with eco-friendly materials.

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, every item purchased plants and nurtures 5 mangrove trees. These trees are crucial for coastal ecosystems and help maintain water cleanliness and clarity.

Meet the Team

Wilson Nettleton

Founder & CEO

I launched the brand in early 2020 with the mission to inspire everyone to chase more curiosity in their lives. My parents raised me to be infinitely curious and took me on countless adventures as a kid. My life is now guided by an adventurous spirit and a curious soul.

I also love to doodle and design everything for the brand. I get inspiration for my art from life and it’s many adventures. I love hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and rock climbing. I am also a senior at Ball State University majoring in archaeology. I would love to combine my love for the outdoors with my passion for history.

Matt Nettleton



from a college library to a brick & mortar storefront and then a... school bus?

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