Ride the Eel Info, Map, and More

Ride the Eel Kayak Experience

We are based in North Manchester, Indiana and are now entering our first full season of kayak rental services. We offer four different options for those who want to experience the fun and beauty of the Eel River. These rental types are based on your desired duration and your choice of shuttle or self-service.

The Ride the Eel Kayak Experience is by far our most popular choice and includes our shuttle service. For this option, we will meet you at the launching point (See map below) with your kayaks and shuttle you back to your car after you've finished your adventure. You can choose to do either a half-day or a full-day float. A half-day float usually takes anywhere from 3-4 hours, while a full-day float takes between 6-8 hours to complete.

For those who already have a trailer or pick up truck and would rather pick up themselves, we also offer our Self-Service Kayak Rentals. This selection also has the two duration options; select between a 4 hour rental or an 8 hour rental. 

You can book online (Book Now), by phone (260-901-0011), or in-person at our shop. 

Hours of Operation

Our kayaks our available for rental every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 2nd, 2022. Shuttle services will only be available on weekends only (Fri-Sun), but our self-service kayak rentals are open Wednesday through Sunday every week until the end of the season.


For Ride the Eel Kayak Experience Rentals (shuttle rentals), meet at Point A, Ogen's Landing 301 S Mill St. A half-day float ends at Point B while a full-day float ends at Point C.