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Day & Night Polaroid Tee

Day & Night Polaroid Tee

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Recovers 2.2 lb of ocean-bound plastic Plastic is cleaned from rivers and shorelines, providing income to local waste pickers. You can track your impact after purchase.

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Our newest tee encompasses the essence of traveling. Through memories and road trips, these are some of lives greatest joys

The back print features six different outdoor destinations, while the pocket print features a polaroid camera with a photo of the sun and moon. and… that’s just the first layer, both the back print and front print have pieces that GLOW IN THE DARK! The word WANDER is hidden amongst the six unique destinations in the back print, and the moon & stars on the pocket print, both will be visible only in the dark!

✨Watch video in product images to see it in action✨

How to Glow: The longer you charge it in the sunlight (aka just wearing it) then it will glow in the dark longer and brighter

Every tee sold removes 2.2 pounds of plastic from our oceans and coastlines. Track your impact after purchase!

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Facts about your purchase

We print everything in house using sustainable materials and supplies.

2.2 lbs of plastic are recovered from the ocean with every tee purchase you make. The plastic is collected by Empower AS and local partners.

Each crewneck and hoodie you purchase plants 5 mangrove trees in eastern Africa. The trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.

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